the 'm-cm' project is part 2 of a generative nft tiling experiment that explores the mid-century style of the American design movement of the mid 1900s. Through an evolutionary lens from the early 20th century 'de stijl' design movement. The project's conceptual development was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water and the Eames Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames.

Visit the destijlnft project to see part 1 of the "Study of Modernism in the 20th Century". An exploration in the forms and colors of the modernism movement, and how it evolved throughout the 1900s.

mcm logo 5-01.png

The Rules

each generative tile has the following set of principles that guide its creation

canvas size:

           max 800 x 800px

array allocation:

           Columns: 4min - 8max, randomized 

           Rows: 4min - 6max, randomized

mcmColor fill probability:

            hex#1B9A9C: 0.153 (t)

           hex#4678A5: 0.153 (y)

            hex#F15B25: 0.153 (o)

            hex#000000: 0.153 (bk)

            hex#E8DFC6: 0.384 (c)

corner fillet:

           0-50px randomized